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An eclectic mix of fiction from Susan's personal library.

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Private Collection showcases an intimate array of books from Orlean’s personal library. Each month, you’ll find exquisite writing, unforgettable narratives, and a new lens through which to view the world.

Susan Orlean is a writer of true stories and bestselling books whose bylines have filled the pages of The New YorkerVogueRolling StoneEsquire, and Outside. Her unique literary insights and humor color both her writing and the hidden gems on her reading list.

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Literati membership includes books curated by Susan Orlean and access to thoughtful conversations about the stories you read.

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Each month, she’ll choose a book to read together that will transport and transform you.

Susan Orlean's Book Club will be reading The Good Lord Bird in November with Literati.

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Susan Orlean will send invites to her Private Collection book club in November.

Come read through my library, which is packed with the books I love the most. These are books you might have missed but you will never forget.

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